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Student's Thoughts

"From doing yoga with Victoria I'm much more flexible, the strength in my arms and also my core strength has improved. For a while my wrist (from a work strain) was quite weak but after doing yoga over a period of weeks my strength here has also improved. My balance has also got much better.

Victoria as a teacher is very thorough and she pushes you in a gentle way. The lessons are always different each time, she puts a lot of thought into making the classes varied. After our Monday am session, I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead. I really look forward to the sessions and always feel great afterwards."

- Dave

"I love our Monday morning yoga class and it really sets me up for the week ahead. Victoria is a great teacher, she's intuitive, approachable, talented and her passion for yoga really shows in her teaching. My body strength and flexibility have really improved and I always feel so calm and centered after the class. I love the meditation at the end too. Thanks Victoria."

- Becca

"Victoria is passionate about yoga and it shows in her teaching. She takes the time to guide us individually, at our own pace, even though we are in a group class, which is appreciated. I feel so much better after each session. Thank you Victoria."
- Pauline

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