Online Live Classes

Free Meditation Class

Sunday 10 AM

Join me for a 20 Minute Morning Meditation. I will guide you through simple practices to help experience a deeper state of relaxation. These practices enhance wellness lessen stress and anxiety. I look forward to seeing you.

Slow Flow

Monday 9.30 AM

Slow Flow is a movement class helping you to go deeper into your practice. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. Relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centred and renewed. (75 minutes class)

Over Sixties Yoga

 Monday 11.15 AM

A gentle yoga practice for seniors to increase flexibility, strength and improve posture. This will help ease degenerative issues.

(45 minutes class)

Yoga By Candlelight

Monday 8.00 PM

Grab your candle and take part in this slow movement and restorative yoga class to help rejuvenate mind and body and improve sleep.

(75 minutes class)

(From 22nd November 2021)